Increased Sales with Packaging Icons

There is a niche that can be filled by anyone as long as they have the proper approach. There was a lack of organic potting soils on the market, so I started a company that sells them. Since selling my first batch of soil, I’ve learned a lot about business and what sells. The packaging on the first batch was pretty basic and was only moderately successful. When I added some Glyph icons, the sales went up by more than half. The icons made the packaging stand out more and look like more than just an ordinary bag of dirt sitting on the aisle in the store.

People have often asked me what is the difference between organic dirt and regular dirt. My dirt has nothing added to it that you wouldn’t normally find in nature. (more…)

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Even the Most Damaged Hard Drives Can Have Data Extracted

Hard drives fail every day. People learn to rely on them because they are quite the resilient consumer product. They have a rating that is called an MTBF. That is mean time between failure. They can be rated in the hundreds of thousands of hours. Using them around the clock, the devices they are in would likely become obsolete before the MTBF is reached. Plus, hard drives can take abuse that would likely destroy the electronic devices they are in. Still, they do fail. Data recovery services such as Alba Data Recovery work to get back important files, images, videos, emails and other information that can disappear from a hard drive in a split second.

It could be a virus or malware that causes the data loss. It may be a power surge through the power cable of the computing device or through the Ethernet cable. (more…)

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How Hard Drives Can Fail Requiring the Need for Data Recovery Services

A brown out or blink in the power supply coming into your home can ruin a hard drive in a split second. We did not find out until after the fact what happened, but the power went out for a second and then did again shortly thereafter. On the second outage was when the hard drive failed and the on-board video failed too on our desktop computer. And, yes, it was plugged into a surge suppressor. In a split second we needed data recovery services to get all of our documents and pictures back. The information is still there on a hard drive, it just gets jumbled up.

We found out that a tree fell against the power lines down the road. That can cause a power surge. (more…)

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I Always Wanted to Have My Own Radio Show and the Internet Now Makes It Possible

I thought it would be cool to be able to start an Internet radio station. I have always wanted to be a DJ, but work has taken me along a different path. I still maintain a strong interest in my favorite music genres. I do have an eclectic type of taste in music, but it does coalesce into a style that has a mass appeal. I like a blend of genres that overlap one another. I see the roots of one genre in the music of another. And with all of these evolving music styles, there are specific artists who lead the way in establishing new trends in music. I would like to share this knowledge with other people so they can hear it for themselves.

I think this is a wonderful premise to start an Internet radio station. (more…)

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Finding a Better Laptop Charger with More Features

I never even took the charger that come with my laptop out of the plastic bag it came in. It is still in the box. I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago. My old one just needed to be replaced so I could continue my work editing videos on location. For my old laptop, I bought the best laptop charger I have ever seen. It is quite rugged. The cords are built tougher. It also has USB charging built in. You can charge your laptop, mobile, tablet or other USB chargeable devices simultaneously.

I was trying to look up the specs for the original equipment chargers I have to see about surge suppression. I could never find any details. However, this replacement laptop charger lists that it has built in surge protection. I don’t have to guess or wonder or plug it into a separate surge suppressor power strip. (more…)

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A Great Internet Plan to Have

I work online so it’s absolutely crucial that I have a solid internet connection. Not only that, I want a good deal on it too. I don’t want to have to pay an exorbitant amount of money each month to have decent internet. frontier service meets both of these criteria. For the past six months I have been dealing with an incredibly bad internet connection. Every weekend my internet would cut out. It wouldn’t just cut out four a few minutes. It would cut out for days at a time. This was so frustrating because every day that I didn’t have internet was a day that I was unable to make any money. It made me so angry that I was paying for a service that is preventing me from making money in the first place.

After many calls to customer service, I was never able to get anywhere with any of this. They had sent out three technicians to my place but none of them seemed to have a clue as to what should and could be done. They just seemed lazy and incompetent. So after six months I decided to break my contract with this cable company and I started shopping around for a better internet provider. I went online and started looking up the different companies for my area, as well as reviews for these companies. One company that caught my eye was frontier service. They had a great plan that offered plenty of speed for what I need. The price was competitive with other companies in the area, in fact it was one of the cheapest. So I decided to go with them and I had them come out to set up my internet connection. It’s working as it should and I am back to work. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

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So is the New IPhone That Big of a Deal?

Of course I generally prefer to save money. I have a smart phone, but it is not the latest and greatest by a long stretch. It is inexpensive and it is functional. The thing has some features. You can take photos with it, but it is not near as good as other smart phones. The Nokia has an awesome camera, a friend of mine has one and he can take really great pictures with it. At any rate I was reading about the recall of Apple’s new operating system, IOS 8 I believe is what they call it and how they have had some issues with the new iphones bending. (more…)

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Fantastic Reckless Driving Attorneys in Fairfax

9916 Farr Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030 - ZillowI feel like an idiot, because I let my reckless side get the better of me recently, and well, it ended up with me getting charged with reckless driving during the middle of the day. It was quite an embarrassing situation, but my friend let me take his car out for a spin, and it is a really nice car. More importantly, it is a very fast car. That is most of why I need to find a reckless driving lawyer in fairfax virginia at this point in time; needless to say, when the officer finally got me to pull over to the side of the road, he was not very happy with me.

I actually got dragged to jail, right then and there, because of the degree to which I had annoyed the officer that pulled me over, with my antics. I wish that I could go back in time, and never ask my friend to go out in a spin in his car.

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Cheap Deals on Canon Black Toner

I have a small company that I own, and we have two large canon printers. One of these printers just ran out of toner, and it has been a long time since we have had to order any. I am not even sure where to buy any, because I did not place the orders previously. I had an employee that used to do all of the ordering, but they quit on short notice. As such, I am going to have to do my best in finding canon 128 toner for a good price.

We need to have both of these printers up and running, because without both of them running, work in the office really kind of backs up. As such, only having one printer running drives down the efficiency of the company, and reduces profits. (more…)

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We Needed on the Same Page

Download Issue Tracking Form Software: Issue Tracking, Issue Tracking ...When I met my new team, I was pretty surprised. I knew that I had a wealth of talent at my disposal, but I don’t think they even knew just how powerful they were. That may be hard to believe, but they were pretty disorganized when I was hired on as their team leader. Individually, they were very focused and organized. However, as a team, they definitely lacked those same skills. One of the first things that I did when I came on board was have them all go to and become familiar with the service.

I had been using this for a while, and I cannot function without it now. It is the perfect organizational tool, and I wanted every member to know the ins and outs of it so we could all get on the same page. When I had my first meeting with all of them, I explained why I wanted everyone to become familiar with DoneDone.

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How to Set Up a Virtual Office Space

I was looking around on the Internet recently and I came across the web page for a company in London call help4it, where IT means Information Technology. Apparently they are a company which employs a bunch of IT professionals and rents them out to people who need their services on a temporary basis. That was not what I was looking for. I was looking for ways for some of my key workers to accomplish their work from at home. In particular I have one young lady who is rather critical to our operations and also extremely pregnant. She is talking about wanting to stay at home with the baby, which is nice for everyone except me. I bit my tongue and pretended that it was fine, but in all honesty I just can not replace her very easily.

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Trying to Find the Best Keyword to Use

I was trying my hardest to figure out what the best wireless keyboard would be to use for the search engine optimization of my website. I have worked long and hard to develop a site that is full of very useful information and continue to update it at least a few times a week. I still have not seen the traffic flow that I would like to see at this point. After talking with some of my buddies, I decided that much of the problem has got to be the keywords that I am using to attract the search spiders.

I went online and have used different keyword generators, but none of them are producing anything that I have not used before. There are so many words that I could use to attract traffic to a geeky website, but I am still having difficulties pinpointing which words would work the best.

I believe in trial and error, but after six months of messing around with keywords and hash tags, I was about to throw in the towel. Then, I found a site that was helpful to me. It was another geeky site that has some really great information on it. I learned a few things that I had not read before. I spend a lot of time online researching all sorts of things and when I find sites that have new information, it makes me feel as if I am not doing enough to stay on top of the latest trends.

I have started making some changes to my site and hope that the new keywords that I have included in the construction of my site will pull in the additional traffic that I need to succeed. I just want to see a fifteen percent increase in the number of people that come to my site each week.

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Why I Love the Future

Backup to Google Cloud Storage: Cloud Backup Option for AmandaSometimes, it’s easy to forget how incredible the future is. With technology practically being pumped into our culture with a constant influx and promise of “New!” “Faster speeds!” we can lose sight of just how much technology has revolutionized itself in the past five years. I remember a time when I was dependent on a hard drive. Now? With so much free cloud storage available to anyone with an Internet connection, you do not even need to have to worry about filling up a physical HDD any longer. This has allowed for rapid advancements in decreasing the weight of our computing products as well as a turn to focus on other hardware that allows for a more powerful user experience. With that added weight removed, manufacturers focus instead on the graphics cards or the performance of the machines themselves.

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Getting Ahead with Facebook Likes

Las mejores imágenes graciosas para este 2012 imagenes-graciosas31 ...Like all webmasters you want to get more exposure to your work and these days it’s not enough to just have a web page or blog, you have to be part of the social media revolution to get noticed. Fortunately it’s very easy and worth the time to incorporate social media such as Facebook into your brand to get more exposure. You’ll need to promote your FaceBook page as well and it might even be in your interest to buy facebook likes.

Like most social media these days there are very few real voices that stand out. Most people are followers, and you want those followers. It may seem counter intuitive to buy FaceBook Likes but it can make the difference between being seen and shared and not being seen at all. Followers Aren’t much different than sheep. They tend to follow the heard around and if the heard likes something then they like it too.

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Bad Voltage in the Power Supply

I am a little bit ill at myself and at the computer power supply I was using in the PC I have hooked up to my TV. I have an old computer running Vista that I use only to stream Netflix onto the big screen TV in my living room. I have a remote control for it and it works fairly okay for what I use it for. The sound is certainly not movie theater quality and it has some problems if I try to use it to play certain types of video off the network. However it was working pretty good for a long time. Then it stopped working about 10 days ago. Obviously I took the power supply off and dropped it off at my brother’s place. He took it into work and used their power supply checker. It passed the test, so I began to replace the motherboard.

It only took two days to get the new motherboard, I guess they must have shipped it from somewhere really near the house.

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