Getting Ahead with Facebook Likes

Las mejores imágenes graciosas para este 2012 imagenes-graciosas31 ...Like all webmasters you want to get more exposure to your work and these days it’s not enough to just have a web page or blog, you have to be part of the social media revolution to get noticed. Fortunately it’s very easy and worth the time to incorporate social media such as Facebook into your brand to get more exposure. You’ll need to promote your FaceBook page as well and it might even be in your interest to buy facebook likes.

Like most social media these days there are very few real voices that stand out. Most people are followers, and you want those followers. It may seem counter intuitive to buy FaceBook Likes but it can make the difference between being seen and shared and not being seen at all. Followers Aren’t much different than sheep. They tend to follow the heard around and if the heard likes something then they like it too.

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Bad Voltage in the Power Supply

I am a little bit ill at myself and at the computer power supply I was using in the PC I have hooked up to my TV. I have an old computer running Vista that I use only to stream Netflix onto the big screen TV in my living room. I have a remote control for it and it works fairly okay for what I use it for. The sound is certainly not movie theater quality and it has some problems if I try to use it to play certain types of video off the network. However it was working pretty good for a long time. Then it stopped working about 10 days ago. Obviously I took the power supply off and dropped it off at my brother’s place. He took it into work and used their power supply checker. It passed the test, so I began to replace the motherboard.

It only took two days to get the new motherboard, I guess they must have shipped it from somewhere really near the house.

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