Finding a Better Laptop Charger with More Features

I never even took the charger that come with my laptop out of the plastic bag it came in. It is still in the box. I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago. My old one just needed to be replaced so I could continue my work editing videos on location. For my old laptop, I bought the best laptop charger I have ever seen. It is quite rugged. The cords are built tougher. It also has USB charging built in. You can charge your laptop, mobile, tablet or other USB chargeable devices simultaneously.

I was trying to look up the specs for the original equipment chargers I have to see about surge suppression. I could never find any details. However, this replacement laptop charger lists that it has built in surge protection. I don’t have to guess or wonder or plug it into a separate surge suppressor power strip. (more…)

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How Hard Drives Can Fail Requiring the Need for Data Recovery Services

A brown out or blink in the power supply coming into your home can ruin a hard drive in a split second. We did not find out until after the fact what happened, but the power went out for a second and then did again shortly thereafter. On the second outage was when the hard drive failed and the on-board video failed too on our desktop computer. And, yes, it was plugged into a surge suppressor. In a split second we needed data recovery services to get all of our documents and pictures back. The information is still there on a hard drive, it just gets jumbled up.

We found out that a tree fell against the power lines down the road. That can cause a power surge. (more…)

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