Finding a Better Laptop Charger with More Features

I never even took the charger that come with my laptop out of the plastic bag it came in. It is still in the box. I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago. My old one just needed to be replaced so I could continue my work editing videos on location. For my old laptop, I bought the best laptop charger I have ever seen. It is quite rugged. The cords are built tougher. It also has USB charging built in. You can charge your laptop, mobile, tablet or other USB chargeable devices simultaneously.

I was trying to look up the specs for the original equipment chargers I have to see about surge suppression. I could never find any details. However, this replacement laptop charger lists that it has built in surge protection. I don’t have to guess or wonder or plug it into a separate surge suppressor power strip. Instead of using it as an alternate or backup model on my new laptop, I just use it as my primary charger. The cool thing is that it has all these different tips to make it compatible with a lot of different laptops.

I keep the extra tips in my backpack. I have helped out more than one person on location who has forgot their charger. I just work off off the battery while they charge up. I must be like an unofficial spokesman for the product since I see more people I have told about them carrying them now. It is just convenient to not have to disconnect your charger at home too. I have the cord threaded up through the power cable access hole on my desk. I have to undo that every time I go somewhere, so I just bought another of these laptop chargers. I just shut off the power strip when I leave to conserve energy.

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