Help with Removal for Google Redirect Virus

I have this nasty virus on my computer, and I do not know how to get rid of it. I have ran my antivirus program like five times, and even updated the definitions, but it is not getting rid of the virus. At first, the antivirus was not even finding it. Now it finds it, but doesn’t remove it. It is pretty lame and I need some help with Google redirect virus removal so that I can get this thing off of my computer, and get on with my life.

It is really hard to use my computer in a normal fashion with the virus, because I can’t really use my web browser very effectively at all. In fact, i have been using my phone for a lot of things, to replace the stuff I would be doing on my computer’s web browser otherwise. It is a lot more time consuming to try to navigate websites and type in searches when using my phone though, and so it is not an ideal solution at all for this problem. I know that there has to be a way to get rid of it that is not extremely complicated, so I need to search online some more and see if I can find some instructions to get rid of it, or maybe just an anti-virus program that will actually remove it.

The most annoying part of all of this, is that I did not even get the virus on my computer. Rather, the virus got onto my computer when my son was using it. I have banned him from playing on my computer for the next five years, but I doubt I will actually go through with that punishment. He needs to learn to avoid malware and viruses when using a computer though.

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