Increased Sales with Packaging Icons

There is a niche that can be filled by anyone as long as they have the proper approach. There was a lack of organic potting soils on the market, so I started a company that sells them. Since selling my first batch of soil, I’ve learned a lot about business and what sells. The packaging on the first batch was pretty basic and was only moderately successful. When I added some Glyph icons, the sales went up by more than half. The icons made the packaging stand out more and look like more than just an ordinary bag of dirt sitting on the aisle in the store.

People have often asked me what is the difference between organic dirt and regular dirt. My dirt has nothing added to it that you wouldn’t normally find in nature. Often companies that sell dirt will try to add many chemicals to the dirt in an attempt to get the plants to grow faster than they would without it. A little fertilizer isn’t a bad thing, and in many cases it is encouraged, but some of what the companies use isn’t what people necessarily want in their bodies. Those who use the soil to grow fruits and vegetables want something that is all natural.

I’m planning on introducing a brand of fertilizer to go along with the soil. The fertilizer will be organic as well, made from decomposed matter that has been carefully attended for months. The fertilizer will be packed will essential nutrients that plants need to grow. I’m going to have a demonstration to show how great my fertilizer is at growing plants. I’m going to use the fertilizer to produce a batch of tomatoes that will be bigger and juicier than anything found in the grocery stores, even in the organic stores.

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