Ordering Stickers for My Cupcake Containers

I have always loved baking, so it is no surprise that I opened up my own bakery nearly a dozen years ago. I love what I do, and I have been quite successful at it too. I am the type of person who not only wants to feed people but I want to help others too. That is why I started selling pink cupcakes with all of the proceeds going to benefit cancer research. I already use a company that does printing in Brisbane for my posters and other advertising in the store, so I consulted with them to see what other services they provide to help me promote my cupcakes.

They are for a such good cause. I have never had anyone close to me suffer from breast cancer, but I saw the devastating effects that it has had on some of my customers. When I was looking at the different products that my printer offers, I knew immediately what I was going to do as soon as I saw the stickers. I have clear round stickers that I use to close up boxes of pastries, but I knew that I could do something really special for these pink cupcakes.

The packaging is see through as well, and each one holds either two, four or six cupcakes. I knew that if I ordered pink stickers that had the breast cancer ribbon on them, then people would understand exactly what the intent of these particular cupcakes were. I was able to design them myself, so I had a soft pink background with a deeper pink ribbon on it. I felt that was enough, so I had 500 designed on a roll. My employees are able to just peel one off and use it in the same way my other stickers work, but these ones really stand out. In fact, I am going to have to order more soon!

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