So is the New IPhone That Big of a Deal?

Of course I generally prefer to save money. I have a smart phone, but it is not the latest and greatest by a long stretch. It is inexpensive and it is functional. The thing has some features. You can take photos with it, but it is not near as good as other smart phones. The Nokia has an awesome camera, a friend of mine has one and he can take really great pictures with it. At any rate I was reading about the recall of Apple’s new operating system, IOS 8 I believe is what they call it and how they have had some issues with the new iphones bending. I really wonder what is so cool about having the latest and great iphone to tell the truth. I see how some people would think it was cool, but this seems to be some sort of mass hysteria or something like that. It is not logical in my personal opinion, but obviously there is some sort of group psychology involved.

I do like cool toys as much as anyone, but a smart phone is just a smart phone and if you have one that does what you need it to do, then there is not any reason for you to pay hundreds of dollars to get the latest and greatest. I happen to know about half a dozen people who are running out to get the new iphone and none of them need a new phone. All of them have a really good phone and not all of them are what you call Apple fan boys either. A couple of them are, that is the most annoying thing ever by the way, and of course that is simply craziness. They seem to just be letting other people influence them like peer pressure.

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