Things Are Easier when You Get Help from Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

I’ve never been really good about speaking in front of large groups of people. So it really made me nervous when my boss told me that he was putting me in charge of a presentation that was coming up for some pretty powerful clients of ours. I knew that I couldn’t mess around. I knew that I had to take this seriously and do something that would really wow everyone. I really wanted to see if I could handle Powerpoint design on my own. It didn’t seem that hard to do. However, everything that I made looked very amateurish. I realized that I had misjudged what it takes to put together a professional presentation and I needed help.

After learning that no one in my department knows how to make a really good slideshow, I talk to my boss about paying an outside company to do it for me. He thought that was a great idea. The clients that we would be giving the talk to our clients that we were hoping to sign a big contract with. I could not mess up the presentation. We needed to show them that we can handle anything that they need, and that means that I couldn’t have a slideshow that looks like my ten-year-old son didn’t. I found a company that can handle it for me, and my boss approved of the price. All I needed to do with the sit-down with an employee from the company and tell them exactly what I needed.

First, I sat down and laid out the talk that I was going to give. I then figured out which things that would be best put into the slideshow during the presentation to help people understand more easily certain topics that I would be talking about. I knew how I wanted everything to look, the problem was that I just didn’t know how to do the designing myself. The employee that met with me from the outside company did a perfect job for me.

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