We Needed on the Same Page

Download Issue Tracking Form Software: Issue Tracking, Issue Tracking ...When I met my new team, I was pretty surprised. I knew that I had a wealth of talent at my disposal, but I don’t think they even knew just how powerful they were. That may be hard to believe, but they were pretty disorganized when I was hired on as their team leader. Individually, they were very focused and organized. However, as a team, they definitely lacked those same skills. One of the first things that I did when I came on board was have them all go to getdonedone.com and become familiar with the service.

I had been using this for a while, and I cannot function without it now. It is the perfect organizational tool, and I wanted every member to know the ins and outs of it so we could all get on the same page. When I had my first meeting with all of them, I explained why I wanted everyone to become familiar with DoneDone.

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